Who Am I

A Pursuit of Travel

What This World Means to Me

On a current pursuit of finding meaningful connections and obtaining networking skills, while actively exploring the globe to see where I’d want to settle. Taking my passion for life and applying it towards my work, people I bring into my life, my environment, and my world. Currently employed as an Au Pair in Hamburg, Germany, I believe in completely immersing myself in different cultures to obtain my one true goal, which is to become more culturally competent in my field of Psychology.

A Journey of Change

What Keeps Me Up at Night

At the moment I am seeking a position as a Graduate Assistant for my Field Placement requirement in the Youth and Adolescent Behavioral Health MS Program at University of South Florida. I have the ability to work with children and families from culturally diverse backgrounds, and I am actively trying to become more linguistically flexible. Some things I am interested in being employed for in a more hands on way are:

  • Integrating child and adolescent behavioral health principles and values into evidence-based practice, and working with practical application
  • Planning and delivery of CABH services
  • Providing effective services for people with co-occurring disorders
  • Educating behavior health professionals and in the delivery of care in CABH
  • Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of CABH advocacy, including consumer and family participation in advocacy efforts
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the value of interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration
  • Critically evaluating applied services research and specifying a broad range of CABH literature to analyze CABH issues and problems
  • Utilizing strengths-based approaches in the delivery of care, in a way that empowers families in addressing CABH challenges
  • Developing leadership skills at a system/policy level that are grounded in child and adolescent behavioral health research
  • Discriminating evidence-based practices in CABH for specific organizational and community contexts
  • Demonstrating an ability to integrate and synthesize research findings, with an understanding of relevant methodologies and models in order to translate research into practice